We specialize in investment deliveries, particularly, big fans which do not wait on a store shelf for the client. Alongside with catalogue sales we deliver not typical, call-type fans upon a special order.  Our offer includes:

  • Axial fans, acc. to a standard up to 1600 mm, smoke removers included, certified to meet the requirements of PN-EN 12101, fire protection code 300oC, 60 min (F300) i 300oC,120 min as well as 1250 mm 400oC, 120 min (F400);
  • Axial jet fans (in other words, impact fans) to ventilate underground (closed) garages, type: dust-free Jet-Fans, certified to meet the requirements of PN-EN 12101, fire protection code 300oC, 60 min (F300) i 300oC, 120 min;
  • Tunnel and metro station fans;
  • Roof fans: axial and radial ones;
  • Duct fans;
  • Fans for chemical industry, chemically resistant to aggressive vaporization.

Investors and general contractors who are interested in a package solution i.e., in a delivery of fan equipment and automatic system to govern it together with an assembly and turn-key set up, will gain from us contacts to the special branch companies.

Airing of underground garages and smoke removal by the way of jet fan ventilation, we additionally offer a highly specialized solution to go with a project, assembly, installation and setup.  We secure our offer as well as a fulfillment thereof by a cooperation with the outside project engineers and fire protection experts who have a corresponding experience in  ductless jet fan ventilation of underground garages.

Please join the project specialists recommended by us! We invite project engineers and designer offices to cooperate,we offer you technical support and broadly understood join venture activity in the development of investment projects.