Jet fans


Klima Celje jet fans are produced ordinarily in 315, 355 and 400 mm dimensions. Jet fans are produced either with one inhaust direction, or with a possibility to switch the propulsion to an opposite direction.


Blades and hubs are made of aluminum pressure die casting with an optimal air dynamics features. A change of impinging angle of the blades is possible to be done at the service centre.  Impellers are balanced according to Q6,3 accuracy class index, acc. to ISO 1940/1-1986.

Suction direction

Guiding blades on the outflow side direct an air stream according to the architecture conditions.

Fire protection version

Jet fans are produce acc. to F300 and F400 classification, meet the PN EN 12101-3 and are subject to CE-control.

Motors / switches

Alternating current motors 400V, 50Hz, have 2/4 pole coils, IP55 protection grade, and are switched in according to the Dahlander system.  Motors with an in-going power supply cable are switched to the power net either through a connection box with a clamping bar or through a locked ordinary switch meeting the requirements of F300 and F400. Connection box and service switch are placed in a housing pitch, under a bolted lid.


Housings are either 2000 mm or 1350 mm long, made out of flat steel, galvanized acc. to Sedzimir method with mufflers on both sides. A suppressor grid and / or a baffle assembly which direct the air flow are placed on the end of the fan.Housings are oval, in order not to limit the height of the vehicles moving under the fan.  A mounting rail is supplied by, for the fans to be easily mounted under the ceiling.