We are engaged in finding and fulfillment of package solutions in garage jet fan system, together with an aeration and detection of CO, LPG and/or NOx. Our designers team prepares project documentation for trade and service objects as well as living houses of the following projects, in particular:

  • garage jet fan, ventilation, smoke removal system assembly with an aeration function of parking lots
  • garage jet fan aeration equipment
  • staircase system with an over pressure
  • detector unit of CO, NOx and LPG
  • jet fan automation system
  • electric cable lines
  • CFD simulation.

We are in cooperation with the outside project engineers and fire protection experts who have a corresponding experience in ductless jet fan ventilation of underground garages.

We invite project engineers and designer offices to cooperate, we offer you technical support and broadly understood join venture activity in the development of investment projects.

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