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Systemy parkingowe

Parking systems


Drivers have a hard time looking for vacant places in the underground garages, particularly in multilevel and spacious garages. Wentoprodukt Company is engaged in the design and mounting of a lot vacancy monitoring system and in the delivery thereof.

A sensor is installed in each place showing whether the lot is occupied (red light on the signal unit) or vacant (green light on the signal unit, blue for the lots for disabled), light displays are mounted on approach roads indicating in what part of the parking vacant places are and how many of them.  Should a given lot become occupied, the indication on the road light panels is automatically upgraded. Central computer of a house managing administrator receives and saves the whole of information.

A comfort of business centers and malls in the parking lots is an advantage of the system of traffic direction management. Search of a vacant lot becomes quicker and what follows thereafter, is a smaller concentration of exhaust gases in the parking, as well as bigger rotation and no traffic obstacles which is reflected in the sparing of power supply because the device is switched on less frequently.

As an option, the device can be equipped with the vehicle registration and license plates recognizing system, from 2 up to 7 figures. In this case, the system is equipped with a server which creates parking density (occupation) statistics, valuated by hour/day/month/year, etc.