Jet fans

Air jet fans, or colloquially, “jet fans”, are used in a stream ventilation for a delivery of polluted air, for airing and for smoke removal as well. They are produced in different sizes: diameters 315, 355 and 400 mm. Klima Celje Jet Fans can be either monodirectional or reversible - hence they work either back or forth, depending on the need. Two-pole motors are used in most of the jet fans thus giving a very low noise level performance while airing. On fire protection systems, F300 and F400 Klima Celje certified fire protection jet fans are used, according to PN-EN 12101-3. All products offered by Klima Celje are CE-marked and are subject to a quality control procedure acc. to ISO 9001.
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Axial fans

Klima Celje axial fans are produced depending on the requirements to the air delivery and stress, their diameter lying within the rage from 355 up to 1600 mm. The fan diameters, motor capacities, number of blades and angles thereof, could be regulated broadly thus rendering the possibility be adapted for a specific, required working place. Klima Celje axial fans meet the requirements of European Norms, a CE mark confirming the above, their production process runs according to ISO9001:2008. Besides, axial smoke deflector fans have F300 and F400 fire protection system certificates, according to PN-EN 12101-3.
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Roof fans

We have a broad offer of roof fans in our package, fire proof fans and blast proof Ex-approved fans included. Roof fans with a vertical or horizontal exhaust are universally used in office ventilation systems, living houses, industrial objects, etc.
Klima Celje roof fans can, alongside with their usual function as normal fans, serve as a smoke exhaust fans out of smoke polluted rooms (F400 and F600 according to PN-EN 12101-3).  read more